AI AssistChat

Our most modern and powerful solution: the integration of artificial intelligence into the most popular communication channel, WhatsApp.

Success & Productivity = WhatsApp + Chatbot & AI.

Our Chatbot & AI is applicable on WhatsApp, Web, WebApp and also on any mobile application.

With our tool, we offer customers:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Multilingualism, including Chinese and Urdu
  • Order Management
  • Request for documents such as catalogues, rates and product data sheets
  • Scheduling of commercial or Selling Points visits
  • Incident and complaint management
  • Real-time conversations with managers
  • Management of loyalty, gifts, and points programs
  • Application of AI through natural conversations on WhatsApp to solve queries about services, products, logistics and other needs of the POs
  • Sending promotional messages, offers, and campaigns, including text and images

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